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What is a Copywriter?

Copywriting’s a critical component of marketing and advertising. It's the art of creating written content that persuades people to take action - such as making a purchase, signing up for a service or subscribing to a newsletter.

A copywriter is a professional who specialises in creating compelling copy that drives conversions and achieves marketing objectives.

Copywriting is all about communicating a message to a target audience. The goal is to create copy that resonates with the reader and motivates them to take action. Copywriters must understand the psychology of the audience and the ‘problems’ they’re experiencing. Once they understand this, they can use language and persuasive techniques to influence the audience’s behaviour.

There are two ‘forms’ of copywriting – direct response (where a copywriter is trying to drive an action) and brand copywriting (where a copywriter is trying to get more visibility for the product, brand or service).

They can both be across a variety of mediums - including print, digital and television. Copywriters might produce headlines, web copy, product descriptions, taglines, email campaigns, social media posts, sales letters, video scripts and more.

Regardless of the medium, for direct response copywriting, the ultimate goal is to capture the reader's attention, communicate the message clearly and get them to take action…

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Copywriting is a skill that requires a combination of sales knowledge, marketing, human psychology, a smidge of creativity and writing proficiency.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not ALL about creativity. Sometimes simple sells best. And sometimes, you can be creative as anything and totally ineffective. Copywriting is about selling and a copywriter is a salesperson behind a keyboard.

calls to action

Effective copywriters understand the importance of a strong brand voice and maintaining consistency across all marketing channels. They’re skilled at crafting headlines and calls to action that grab the reader's attention.

Features versus Benefits

This is one of my hot topics and something I talk about All.The.Time!

Direct response copywriting is about understanding the audience’s ‘pain points’ and understanding how the client’s product or service can fix those pain points.

- Josie needs an outfit for a wedding, doesn’t feel confident in her choices and is worried about getting it wrong (pain point)

- ABC Boutique specialises in clothes for weddings and parties and has a personal shopper and stylist in store to help clients (solution)

ABC Boutique has the perfect answer to Josie’s problems. It’s now just a case of putting the two together.

Cue copywriter!

A business owner would likely explain what the stylist does – helps choose outfits, helps get the right colours, helps accessorise etc.

A copywriter will talk about the end result – how Josie will dazzle at the wedding; how she’ll be filled with confidence; how she’ll look sensational – the benefits of the product or service.

See the difference?

Testing, testing, testing…

A copywriter's work doesn't end with the creation of the content. Copywriters – good ones anyway - should continually test and refine their copy to improve performance and achieve better results. This involves using tracking metrics such as click-through rates, conversions and engagement rates. Using tools and metrics helps copywriters make data-driven decisions when updating their content.

Without effective copy, even the most innovative products and services will fail to connect with their target audience. And if they don’t connect, they don’t succeed in the market. It’s why it's important to have skilled copywriters who can create engaging, persuasive and effective content.

In summary, a copywriter is an essential part of a modern marketing effort. They’re responsible for creating the content that drives business results and generates revenue. By understanding the psychology of the target audience and using persuasive language and techniques, copywriters can motivate readers to take action and achieve marketing objectives.

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