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All projects are individually priced, but some guideline pricing is provided below. 

Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss a project and I'll be happy to provide a personalised proposal. 

When I provide pricing, it's a fixed price. If I've overestimated the time it takes me to complete a project and I complete it quicker, I'll reduce my final invoice.
And if I've underestimated the time, and it takes longer, that's at my cost, not yours.

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Prices typically range from £1500* - £4500

Giving your audience compelling reasons to take action - whether that be to make a purchase, book your services or follow your CTA. Short, laser-focused benefit-rich copywriting that gets to the heart of what your audience needs to hear and answers the question, 'what's in it for me?'

Factors that affect pricing:

  • Number of pages

  • Amount of copy

  • Research requirements

  • Revisions

  • Policy creation - Terms & Conditions, Cookies and Privacy Policies

  • Basic SEO


*Indicative of a 4-5 page website with Home, About, Services, Contact Us and 1 other page

"Incredibly skilled, absolutely nails the copy. Clever, punchy work exactly fitted to the voice of the business and the customer."

Lilley Harvey, Peacock Tree Yoga




Read my blog post on how much copywriting costs for websites

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Prices typically range from £500 - £1000

Convert visitors into buyers with dedicated landig page to promote specific products or services. Pre-emptively overcome objections and help your audience get real about their problems or frustrations that you'll resolve with your offering. Take your audience on a journey to identify problems, provide the solution, demonstrate your value and get your audience to follow your call to action.

Factors that affect pricing:

  • Number of sections

  • Research requirements

  • Creation of case studies and testimonials

  • Image sourcing

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