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Working towards a greener planet in partnership with Ecologi

As part of my contribution to the fight against climate change, I donate a percentage of my business turnover to planting projects.

In partnership with Ecologi, for each completed project, I gift trees to my clients. The trees are donated to planting projects, in their name, in Madagascar, Peru and Uganda.

My clients receive a tree planting certificate and email about their tree(s) and their ongoing impact.

Not only do these gifted trees sequester CO2 in the future, but the planting projects provide farms with work to support the local economy.

So far, I've gifted 300 trees!*

*170 trees planted with more:trees before moving to Ecologi


Benefits of planting trees:


Absorbs carbon from the atmosphere

Increases rainfall

Purifies water that increases crop yield

Provides skills and income for workers to support their families

Protects animals from deforestation

If you'd like to make more money and make a difference in the fight against climate change, get in touch, I'd love to chat.

Did you know...

That websites emit carbon? The amount of carbon is calculated using data transfer, energy intensity, energy source, carbon intensity and website traffic. It's important to me to try and be as sustainable as possible, so I monitor and make changes to my website to reduce carbon emissions wherever possible.

This website achieves a carbon rating of B, which is cleaner than 66% of websites globally.

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