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Why should I hire a professional copywriter when I can do it myself?

It's not uncommon that some business owners want to handle every aspect of their business themselves. After all, who knows their business better than them? But when it comes to copywriting to drive results, hiring a professional copywriter is a critical investment that takes businesses forward.


Trained professionals: Copywriters know their craft inside out

Professional copywriter holding up growth figures on an iphone to the camera

Yes, you know your business inside out, but professional copywriters know theirs.  They’ve dedicated their time, money and energy to honing their writing skills, studying persuasive techniques and staying up to date with the latest trends in marketing and psychology. Their training allows them to create copy that grabs attention, engages readers and drives action.

By trusting a trained copywriter with the words you need to drive sales, you tap into their expertise and gain their knowledge to create messaging that resonates with your target audience. They know what to say, choosing the right words to evoke emotions and communicate your USP effectively. Their training means they provide expertise that makes your brand stand out from the crowd.

Let’s look at some of the objections business owners have about hiring a copywriter…

Objection: 'I know my business best, how can anyone else write about it?'

Being one step removed from your business, copywriters bring a fresh perspective that’s invaluable.

Many business owners focus on the features of a product or service when writing their own copy – what it is or what it does - rather than benefits. Copywriters identify and highlight the benefits – the real value that speaks directly to your target audience.

“I’ve said this before, but when I had my manufacturing business, I wrote my own brochure and website copy… after all, I knew my business best. But if I’d known then what I know now, I’d definitely have hired a copywriter! I was too close to the business and the products… I talked about features. What the audience needs to hear is about benefits.

Why? Because benefits sell.”

By working with a professional copywriter, you gain someone who’ll leverage their objective viewpoint to uncover unique selling points, paint a vivid picture of the benefits your customers will enjoy, and craft a message that speaks directly to their desires, fears or pain points. Their ability to step back and see things from the customer's perspective, as well as drilling down to the benefits of your product or service, means the copy they deliver is customer-centric and highly persuasive.

Objection: 'Copywriters are expensive'

Time is money. Professional copywriters save valuable time and prevent lost opportunities.

Looking over the shoulder of a professional copywriter looking at web copy

Writing good copy takes time – time that you could be spending on other crucial aspects of your business. As a business owner, your plate is already full with countless responsibilities. Taking on the additional task of writing copy can drain valuable time and energy, resulting in rushed writing and subpar quality.

Hiring a copywriter, on the other hand, allows you to focus on what you do best – growing and managing your business.

Copywriters know how to work efficiently, conduct thorough research, craft the right kind of copy and deliver results promptly. By hiring a copywriter, you put the work in the hands of a professional who’ll accelerate the process, avoid missed opportunities and make sure your message reaches your audience at the right time.

Consider this… as a business owner, you say to yourself that you know your business best and can write your own copy. It goes on your ‘to do’ list. But then something important comes in; then something else; then something else. What happens to the copywriting you were going to do?

It gets pushed down the list.

So, the question is, how much money are you losing by not having professionally written copy out there, or any copy at all?

It’s probably time to adjust the thinking on the value of copywriting… don’t think about what it costs, think about what it brings. Think about the value of having your copy out there much quicker, ready to grab the lion’s share of the market with your new product or service. How much more money will you make?

Professionally written copy accelerates sales and business growth.

While it's understandable to have reservations about paying a professional copywriter when you think you can handle it yourself, the benefits they bring can’t and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Dark haired woman in a blue jumper with elbow on her knee, looking at the camera and smiling

From training and expertise to a fresh perspective and time-saving, by accelerating launch and making more money when you’ve got other important things to do, copywriters provide huge value to a business. So, it’s not about a copywriter costing money, it’s about not having a copywriter costing money!

Ready to accelerate your business growth? Give me a shout, I’d love to chat.




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