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Dive Spirit - a PADI 5 Star dive centre on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius


To create social media posts (FB and IG) to entice people to try diving for the first time without the need to commit to a full course. The challenge was to appeal to a wide audience – locals and tourists as well as swimmers and non-swimmers. Being a non-swimmer does not exclude the audience from the exciting experience of being underwater, but many people do not realise this.


The idea of discovering scuba diving and the adventurous nature of the activity was introduced using the embedded copy in the image.

In the body copy, I used bullet points to emphasise the friendly team and the fun, safe activity on offer. I made it clear that the session gives the audience the opportunity to dive in the ocean within the relatively short session.

I also included the languages spoken to appeal to local residents - to demonstrate that the centre is owned/staffed by Mauritian nationals, without using specific language to explain it. Many centres on the island are owned by non-nationals which makes many Mauritians feel they may be unwelcome. I used the language and non-swimmer bullets to demonstrate inclusivity and appeal to the broad audience.

Different formats of artwork were created - one for Facebook and one for Instagram, with the same copy used across both.

Designer: Ariana Rusu

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