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The Client

One of the world's biggest and most highly respected diving brands - Apeks, part of the Aqualung Group.


The Challenge

To produce a story of the timeline and evolution of the Apeks brand to celebrate their 50th Birthday in 2024.

The brief was to write a 'love story' between the brand and their valued, experienced and knowledgeable customers, building in real-life experiences and stories to demonstrate the trust that divers place in Apeks equipment in some of the most challenging environments in the world.

The Solution

Using evocative descriptions of some of the most challenging and aspirational dive locations around the world, the story blends real-life experiences with a timeline of Apeks' historical highlights.

Evidencing the innovation, engineering excellence and integrity that's been at the core of Apeks since its inception in 1974, I incorporated divers' personal experiences to demonstrate the value and trust they place in the brand, its mission and the range of exceptional products.

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