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Bauter Insulation


To create an A5 double-sided flyer to simply and effectively explain the benefits of an innovative range of insulation products being launched in the UK.

The challenge was to appeal to homeowners and drive home the compelling benefits of not only cost savings, but also other benefits


The most compelling benefit for this range of products is the exceptional costs savings that can be made by installing this product.

In the body copy, I used bullet points to emphasise the range of benefits and kept explanatory features to a minimum. The main aim for this flyer was to compel the target audience to contact the business to arrange a free, no-obligation quote.

"Absolutely amazing work, [I] can't put in to words what an amazing job has been done for my company... I would recommend Sarah to everyone."
Kamil Kowalski, owner, Bauter Insulation

Designer: Ariana Rusu

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