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Email - Your secret weapon . . .

In a recent study, it was reported that two-thirds of customers made a purchase as a direct result of receiving an email marketing message. Yes, that’s right – two-thirds! In the same study, 59% of respondents said marketing emails influenced their purchasing decisions.

Marketeers and businesses focus heavily on social media advertising but often fail to give email marketing the attention it deserves in relation to its rewards. Mailchimp reported that email makes up 13% of marketing spend, whilst 19% of sales are attributed to it. This begs the question – if email marketing was given a little more focus, what rewards could you reap? It’s a big noise in the marketing field… with stats like these, it’s a player that you can't afford to ignore!

As we know, the world changed in 2020. Email trends did too. For the first time in years, there was a dip in email opens on mobile devices from 42% in 2019 to the lowest point of 33% in June of 2020. Whilst this may be down to COVID and people working from home, in time there’s sure to be a bounce-back to mobile. If you spend time on email marketing, you shouldn’t worry… The fact is, emails were still getting opened, readers were just using other tools to do it!

Packing a punch!

In 2011, the average time spent reading an email was 10.4 seconds. By 2018, the average time had increased to 13.4 seconds, then this dipped by 12% in 2020 to an average time of 11.82 seconds. So, what does this mean? Your email has to ‘go big or go home!’ It has to make an impact!

To entice your audience to read them, emails must have interesting subject lines and supporting value snippets! They also need to be kept concise, have clear benefits and have really good imagery. Don’t bore readers with waffle and loads of content, they’ll start to skim if you do. The audience needs to see the clear benefit straight off – preferably in the subject line or snippet, otherwise you’re likely to lose their engagement. If that happens, you can wave goodbye to conversion!

Whatever you do… Keep. Them. Short.

When to send?

The best time is Tuesday at 11, you’ve heard that, right? This info was deduced from a study in the US, analysing 20 million email transmissions. Subsequently, in 2020, Litmus analysed 10 billion email transmissions. It found, in the UK, that there was a consistent open rate between 6% and 7% for every hour between 8am and 5pm on weekdays. Open trends between quarters fluctuated slightly, but the industry consensus is that emails are still most effective sent between 9am and 11am, so make sure you schedule wisely.

As the world recovers from the pandemic – or at least learns to live with the effects – email will continue to be a big player in marketing products and services to B2B and B2C. You simply can’t afford to ignore the power of email if you want to grow your business. It’s an effective way to build your brand; it’s an inexpensive way to market with great ROI and it’s a great way to build a relationship with your audience – so whatever you do, don’t ignore it!



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