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How Much Does Blogging Cost?

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As part of your Inbound Marketing Strategy, content creation is one of the most important aspects and it involves creating high-quality, engaging content that attracts readers and drives traffic to your blog or site.

Many businesses are unsure about the cost of content creation and the factors that influence pricing. In this blog post, we’ll run through the costs and factors that influence them.

Note: I'll use the words 'content creation' and 'blogging' interchangeably in this post.

How much does blogging cost?

The cost of content creation can vary widely depending on the type of content you need, the length and complexity of the content and the expertise of the writer. So how much does blogging cost? There are several costs involved in creating high-quality content for your blog, including:

1. Writer's fees - the cost of hiring a writer to create content for your blog depends on the writer's experience, expertise and the complexity of the content. Some writers charge per word* while others calculate the time by the hour then multiply it by their hourly rate.

2. Graphics and Images - Graphics and images are crucial for the visual appeal of your blog posts and make them more engaging for readers. You may need to hire a graphic designer or purchase stock images to use in your blog posts. The cost of graphics and images varies depending on the type and quality of the graphics.

There are, however, lots of images that are available to use that are royalty-free. Click here for more information.

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Factors that influence the cost of blogging

The cost of content creation for blogging is influenced by several factors, including:

1. Type of Content - The cost of content creation varies depending on the type of content you need. For example, extremely technical content is likely to be more expensive as it will need a specialist to create it – and this may come at a cost.

2. Length and Complexity - The length and complexity of the content can also impact pricing. Longer and more complex blogs may require more research and writing time, which will increase the cost.

3. Writer's Expertise - The writer's expertise and experience can also impact pricing. Experienced writers with a proven track record of creating high-quality content may charge more than less experienced writers.

4. Turnaround Time - If you need content quickly, you may need to pay more for expedited services or rush orders.

5. Niche or Industry - The niche or industry you are targeting can also impact pricing. Some niches or industries may require specialised knowledge or research, which can increase the cost of content creation. You may use a recognised industry expert, and they have the option to charge higher rates because of their status.

6. Posting responsibility – you may want to post the blog on your site yourself, or you may ask your writer to do this. Whilst this is not necessarily a ‘core’ task for a writer, some may be happy to do this, but obviously it takes a bit of time and needs to be factored into the cost.

7. Graphics and imagery sourcing – once again, you may wish to do this, or you might ask your writer to do it. There are lots of royalty-free images that can be used, sourced from places like Pexels and Canva, but it just needs to be agreed who sources them. It’s always useful for the client to give the writer some guidelines on the acceptable use of imagery if they’re going to source images for you.

8. Keyword provision – keywords are very important for the searchability of the content. By providing search words for the writer to incorporate in their content, this can reduce the time taken in research and may reduce the cost of creation. The same applies with link expectations… if you can provide the links that you’d like included in the content, this also can reduce research time and the price.

In summary, blogging is an essential part of a business’ inbound marketing strategy and it’s important to understand the costs and the factors that influence pricing.

By considering these factors, you can create a budget and plan for your blog that meets your needs and achieves your goals. Understanding the cost of blogging can help businesses make informed decisions and maximise their return on investment.

Visit my pricing page for guidelines on pricing for different types of copywriting.

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*I don't recommend this is a great way to engage with your writer. My personal feeling is that when you pay by the word, you run the risk of getting a blog that's packed with unnecessary words, just to boost the price. Yes, it might be a cheaper option that the writer calculating the anticipated time by the hourly rate, but quality counts and with this type of engagement, you run the risk of getting sub-standard content.

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