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How Does Blogging Help my Business?

What’s blogging?

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Blogging is writing that’s designed to inspire, educate and/or inform your readers. Published on your website, blogs should be ‘people-first’ original content. It’s helpful for your business for lots of reasons:

  • Increases your site’s visibility and pushes you up the search rankings

  • Increases traffic to your website and keeps them there for longer

  • Positions you as an authority figure in your industry

  • Increases your profitability by converting more leads into paying customers

  • Lets you repurpose blog content for other channels

Blogs can be of any length. I strongly recommend that they’re over 800 words, but if you can, try and get them in the 1200-1500 words range. But, make sure that the content is engaging and that you’re not packing words just for the sake of packing words. So, if they have to be shorter because the topic is a little narrower, then keep them shorter.

If you can post regularly – to a schedule – it’s very helpful for your business.

Let’s dig into the benefits of blogging in a bit more depth…

Increases your visibility and pushes you up the search rankings.

Google is an all-powerful business and they want to keep their customers happy. Who are Google’s customers? Well, they’re the searchers who use the tool to get access to information. So, if you and your business can answer those search questions with good quality, relevant information, you’ll become Google’s friend!

Google doesn’t want to send people to sites where the content is just re-hashed nonsense ripped off other sites (or generated by Artificial Intelligence – see why here). It wants original content that’s person-first - rather than just packed full of keywords that make little sense. Why? Because they want to deliver quality responses to that searcher. When they do, the searcher is happy and they stay with Google. It’s what Google wants.

So, when you have quality content on your website and it answers those searchers’ questions, you’ll get ‘rewarded’ for it by getting more visibility in search rankings.

By blogging, you can focus on specific questions that people want answering or educating them on topics that they don’t already know about. This is one of the basics of SEO and shouldn’t be overlooked by any business wanting to grow their brand and visibility online.

Increases traffic to your website and keeps them there for longer

When you’re providing useful, original, people-first content, you’ll get bumped up the search rankings and have more visibility online, we know this. But what happens next? Simple, they’ll click on your link and you’ll get more visitors to your site.

When you provide great content, you’re providing value to that visitor. When you provide value, consumers will spend more time on your site and develop a bond with your brand.

It’s all about know, like and trust.

Give them value, answer their questions and they’ll start to know, like and trust you. The more value you give them – not always information that’s specifically related to your product or service – the more they’ll like you. Being helpful works wonders!

Positions you as an authority figure in your industry

Imagine there are two businesses with very similar product offerings. One has their website with product descriptions and a bit about who they are and what they do. The other has those same product descriptions and info, but they also demonstrate their knowledge; help their customers with advice and guidance; teach the readers how to use those products or services better; help them understand more about things related to their product offering and what’s happening in the world around them - not just bang on about their products.

Who are those potential customers more likely to trust? Who are they more likely you buy from? And who are they more likely to revisit because they know their stuff? Yep, it will be the second site.

With blogging, you can demonstrate your value as a business much better and solidify your position as a brand to be trusted. You’ll start to get contacted for information and advice and get more visibility online, because you’re sharing your expertise and not focusing solely on selling, selling, selling.

And it works.

Increases your profitability by converting more leads into paying customers

When you’ve established ‘know, like and trust’ with your audience, it’s a lot easier to convert them into paying customers.

You’re an industry expert; you know your stuff; Google rates you; you give them value; they know like and trust you. Bingo. When you slide your products in front of these potential consumers, they’re much more likely to take action.

Once you’ve got those customers engaged with your brand and seeing the value and quality of your product offering, they’re also much more likely to buy again. Cue increased turnover and better profitability.

Lets you repurpose blog content for other channels

You can also use content from your blogs in smaller pieces across other channels – LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and more. Take short valuable sections from your blog, adjust the tone for the specific channel, if required, and post.

You can also give your audience an effective call to action -> READ MORE <- and direct them to your site to start building the relationship and establishing ‘know, like and trust.’

In summary, these are just some of the ways that blogging helps your business. Blogging helps increase your visibility – but make sure you use original content and make sure it’s focused on the reader. Steer clear of AI-generated content for blogs, because Google doesn’t like it and will soon penalise sites by bumping them down search rankings – exactly the opposite of what you’re wanting to achieve!

Need some help with blogging? Get in touch, let’s have a chat.



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