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Best Mission Statements

A mission statement is a declaration of a company's current purpose, it’s values and goals. It communicates the company's reason for existence, what it does and who it serves.

A mission statement should resonate with the company’s target audience and set out, in a concise a way as possible, the reason for its existence.

Here are some of my favourite mission statements!


Nike baseball hat with their mission statement.

I’m starting out with my favourite as I think this mission statement is incredibly powerful and unbelievably effective.

One of the most recognisable brands across the globe, with just a few words Nike lets the whole world know that their brand is built around them.

It obviously shows Nike’s unwavering support for athletes and the importance of the brand in the sports market (and the sports market to Nike). But it also throws the net wide demonstrating that everyone with a body is valued and no matter what shape, size or level of sporting ability, this is a brand for them.

The brilliance of this mission statement shows why Nike is such an aspirational, world-leading brand in both the sports and fashion markets.

Nike's logo, with my own twist. Instead of 'Just Do It,' I've replaced the words with 'I Love It.'


Walmart's mission statement

Anyone who knows me and/or has worked with me knows how much I bang on about the importance of benefits. Benefits sell. Benefits answer the consumer question, ‘what’s in it for me?’

In just one, relatively short, sentence Walmart gives not one, but two.

Saving money – always a biggie. And living life better.

Who wouldn’t want these things?

Genius. End of.


Mobile device showing the LinkedIn logo

LinkedIn is another mission statement that contains benefits - giving people the ability to be more productive and successful if they’re using LinkedIn’s platform. Connecting the world’s professionals is a feature, but the mission statement ends on a zinger and clearly sets out what the brand is focusing on. [Insert slow hand clap emoji here!]


A tablet with Google search page displayed.

Google is similar to LinkedIn in the way that the mission statement is formatted. It tells the audience what it does (tick), then the benefits of using Google.

I love benefits, they warm my cold bleak heart!

This mission statement is simple effective and concise.

Bravo Google! (I’m sure they’ll sleep better at night knowing that I think this is amazing)


A bright red Tesla car

I like the play on words here. I like the cars. I like the mission they’re on. Not sure about Elon, but hey, you can’t have it all.


IKEA shop signage

At 26 words in one sentence, this one is a little wordy for me, but it still works.

It gets the message across of what IKEA does. It’s clear that they’re trying to make their furnishings as affordable as possible whilst maintaining quality. This gives me a warm feeling towards the brand that they’re trying to do good, not just rack up enormous profits.

Good job IKEA (ditto hand clap emoji)

Like to know more about Mission Statments, how to put one together and how they differ from Vision Statements?



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