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Are you Showing the Love?

So, here’s a quick question for you to consider… if you drop onto your website, where’s the love directed? Are you talking about you, yourself and your business, or are you talking about your audience, the benefit to them and how your products or services are going to make them feel?

Take a look at your About page. Does it talk about how you started the business, little Johnny, your Labrador and your two guinea pigs? Are there lots of ‘I,’ ‘me,’ ‘we’ and ‘us?’

Imagine how you’d feel if you dropped on to a website, visited the massively valuable real-estate that is an about page and instead of the focus being on the business and their background, that the focus was on you. The audience. The prospective customer.

How would that make you feel? Like you’re important? Like you’re valued?

Why it’s important to flip the narrative

My advice is simple… for every ‘I,’ ‘me,’ ‘we’ or ‘us,’ change your copy to have 10 times more ‘you,’ ‘your’ and ‘yours.’ Flip the narrative to talking about them, their problems and how your products or service will resolve those problems. By doing this, you’ll have your audience recognising that they’re the most important part of the equation and your copy will resonate with them more. It’s super simple.

Benefits over features

Another tip is to think about what your product or service is or does, then think about what it will do for your audience. If you sell home security systems, don’t open up with the fact it’s got motion sensors and external cameras (BORING)… open up with how it will keep their family, home and possessions safe and protected. BOOM - benefits! That's what they need and you’ve got straight to the heart of the matter.*

See what a difference it makes?

The copy on your website should be focused much more on your audience and their needs, desires or fears than on you. THAT’s how you show your audience the love!

Like a free, no-obligation audit on your website copy? I'll run through my 60-point check and give you advice on how you can flip things around to make your website work better for you.


*see what I did there?!


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